Introducing HVAC HARD 365: Your Path to $10 Million!

Ready to scale your HVAC business to $10M? Introducing 365 HARD.

Modeled after Andy Frisella’s transformative ’75 HARD’, we present a unique, year-long journey for HVAC companies. If you’re currently at $2M, $3M, or $4M.

What is HVAC HARD 365?

A brief overview of the program's inspiration from "75 hard" and its objectives.

Your HVAC business is as powerful and efficient as the network you build and the knowledge you acquire

Climbing the ladder of success as an HVAC professional can sometimes feel like a solo endeavor. It’s not uncommon to face comments like “First World Problems” or “When is enough, enough?” from those who can’t fathom the depth of your commitment to progress.

But remember this mantra: “Your associations shape your aspirations.”

Your surroundings have a profound impact on your trajectory. Aligning with those who lack ambition can act as an anchor, pulling you away from your goals.

You deserve a circle of true winners.

  • Individuals who see and share in your expansive vision.
  • Allies who challenge, uplift, and fortify you.
  • Comrades who journey with you, matching your pace and passion.

Welcome to 365 HARD.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “ra-ra” guru program. It’s an elite consortium of HVAC professionals, all laser-focused on a singular, shared target: achieving $10 million in annual revenue. This collective ambition acts as a powerful magnet, drawing each member forward faster, fueled by mutual encouragement and camaraderie.

Becoming a 365 HARD member isn’t just about enrollment; it’s a pledge. A pledge to stand as a paragon of excellence, relentlessly pushing your limits and raising the industry benchmark.

Together, as a unified force with a shared goal, our combined momentum will propel us to that illustrious $10 million mark. We’ve mapped out the route to unmatched success in the HVAC domain. Now, it’s our shared journey to the summit.

What's included?

Marketing Mastery

Operational Excellence

Sales Training

Balancing Business & family

fitness and health

Accountability checks

Quarterly Meet ups


Who've We Worked With

250+ HVAC businesses Since 2018!


Seize Your Summit

Your ascent to the pinnacle of HVAC success is not a path to be walked alone. The HARD 365 program is your consortium of like-minded, goal-geared professionals, all marching towards that illustrious $10 million mark. With each weekly class, every shared insight, and the collective ambition of a community that thrives on excellence, you’re not just enrolling in a program; you’re investing in a future replete with unmatched success. The time to transcend the ordinary, to seize your summit, is now. Are you ready to etch your legacy in the HVAC realm? Enroll in HARD 365 and redefine what success looks like.

HARD 365

Example Of Curriculum

**1-30: Business Foundations & Analysis**

1. Review the business plan.
2. Update mission and vision statements.
3. Conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
4. Review and renew business licenses.
5. Analyze previous year’s financials.
6. Set a new financial target for the year.
7. Inventory check and update.
8. Evaluate tool and equipment condition.
9. Identify necessary equipment upgrades.
10. Assess and renew insurance policies.
… and so on.

**31-60: Marketing & Branding**

31. Evaluate the company website’s performance.
32. Optimize the website for mobile.
33. Launch a monthly newsletter.
34. Plan a social media calendar for a month.
35. Create and schedule monthly blog posts.
36. Research local advertising opportunities.
37. Attend a marketing webinar.
38. Update company branding (if necessary).
39. Get feedback on marketing materials.
40. Consider running a seasonal promotional campaign.
… and so on.

**61-90: Operations & Efficiency**

61. Implement a new booking system.
62. Review and optimize job scheduling.
63. Hold a workshop on customer service.
64. Establish a feedback loop with technicians.
65. Explore new HVAC technologies and tools.
66. Optimize the supply chain for parts.
67. Improve after-service follow-ups.
68. Evaluate response times to customer inquiries.
69. Launch a monthly operational review.
70. Create a handbook for best practices.
… and so on.

**91-120: Sales & Customer Relationships**

91. Organize a sales training workshop.
92. Launch a referral program.
93. Introduce a loyalty program for repeat customers.
94. Develop a system for handling customer complaints.
95. Create a database of top clients.
96. Organize quarterly meetings with key clients.
97. Evaluate sales conversion rates.
98. Offer bundled services or packages.
99. Implement upselling and cross-selling techniques.
100. Collect and analyze customer reviews.
… and so on.

**121-150: Personal Development & Team Building**

121. Attend an industry conference.
122. Organize team-building activities.
123. Invest in professional development courses for staff.
124. Start a mentorship program within the company.
125. Review and update employee benefits.
126. Conduct performance evaluations.
127. Establish regular check-ins with staff.
128. Promote a healthy work-life balance.
129. Foster a culture of continuous learning.
130. Celebrate team achievements monthly.
… and so on.

**151-180: Health, Safety, & Compliance**

151. Review safety protocols.
152. Conduct safety drills.
153. Update emergency contact lists.
154. Check and maintain all safety equipment.
155. Hold a workshop on health and safety best practices.
156. Ensure compliance with local HVAC regulations.
157. Conduct random safety audits.
158. Review and update company’s safety manual.
159. Organize first aid training for the team.
160. Ensure safe disposal of HVAC waste.
… and so on.

**181-365: Monthly & Weekly Tasks**

  • Monthly financial reviews.
  • Weekly team meetings.
  • Monthly inventory checks.
  • Weekly website and social media updates.
  • Monthly training sessions.
  • Frequent customer feedback collection.
  • Periodic re-evaluation of company goals and objectives.
  • Regular community engagement and networking events.
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Exclusive Opportunity

17/30 slots filled

We are committed to providing unparalleled value, attention, and results for our participants. To maintain our program’s elite standards and ensure individualized focus, we’re capping the intake to a maximum of 30 HVAC companies for the HVAC HARD 365.

🔥 Why Only 30 Companies?

  • Quality Over Quantity: We believe in fostering deep connections and curating a community of like-minded HVAC leaders. A smaller group means more attention to your unique challenges and aspirations.

  • Exclusive Resources: With a limited intake, you can be assured of receiving the best resources, guidance, and mentorship, tailored just for you.

  • Peer Synergy: Engage with a select group of HVAC professionals. Share insights, challenges, and collaborate on solutions in a tight-knit community.


Questions & Answers

The goal is to help HVAC businesses reach the $10 million mark.

It’s designed for HVAC companies, especially those at $2m, $3m, & $4m revenue stages.

Core areas are marketing, operations, sales, family, and fitness.

Weekly classes cover a comprehensive range of topics in these core areas.

Dedicated guidance is provided for companies at different revenue stages.

Marketing strategies like digital marketing(Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, SEO, Website and much more), content creation, and customer engagement are covered.

Operational excellence is achieved through process optimization and technological integration.

Participants are engaged through expert insights, workshops, and a community of ambitious HVAC professionals.

Expected outcome is achieving $10 million in annual revenue.

Enrollment in the HVAC HARD 365 program is on a case-by-case basis. Interested parties can apply, but should act swiftly as the program’s unique offerings and the collective ambition of joining a network of high-achieving HVAC professionals could lead to a high demand for enrollment, potentially creating a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) scenario.